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In Chestermere. Also serving the communities of Langdon, Conrich, Strathmore, Airdrie, Shepard, Cheadle, Indus, and Calgary!

Chestermere Reiki Bonnie Harvey
Bonnie began competitive martial art training with the International Chang Hon Taekwon-Do Federation in 2002, achieving 19 consecutive double gold international wins. She also had the honor of being selected as a Team Canada Representative 3 times where she claimed the title of World Cup Champion in both patterns and sparring. Upon being selected to represent Canada in Puerto Rico, she began attending yoga classes to improve strength, flexibility, and hand eye coordination. Little did she know at that time, yoga would actually save her life one day.

After being struck with a series of tragic events, Bonnie’s heath and wellness deteriorated drastically. She was preparing to have surgery when she heard a whisper from within to deepen her practice of yoga, and to learn an alternative healing method called Reiki. Bonnie did not come from a background of alternative healing but had already tried everything so it was nothing more that utter desperation that urged her to listen to her intuitive messages and give Reiki a try.

Bonnie trained under Rev. Isabelle Faith, founder of the Reiki Center, who taught her about Reiki Healing, and how to hear the whispers of your Guardian Angles, ultimately healing not only the physical pain which had been crippling her, but also healing from illness which almost claimed her life. Bonnie is now a Reiki Master who has helped many people find their journey back to optimal wellness, as well as teach students the art of Reiki healing, meditation, and intuitive healing.

Guided again by the “whispers from within”, Bonnie enrolled in the Yoga Works Teacher training as a way to deepen her own practice and shortly after completion began teaching; and eventually opening her own Yoga Studio in Chestermere Alberta. It is Bonnie’s deepest desire to share the precious gift of natural healing through yoga and self nurturing to awaken our powerful gift; the innate capacity to self heal from virtually everything.

Bonnie recently began offering Angel Card Readings and life transformation courses to those who are facing challenges, or wishing to create change in their lives. Email chestermerereikihealing.com for a free consultation.

Chestermere Reiki

Chestermere Reiki Brad Sargeant
Brad Sargeant has been involved in the healing field for over seven years! He is trained and experienced in guided meditation, energy and vibrational healing, and spiritual readings.

Brad received the majority of his training while working directly with a Native Shaman. Over the course of five years, Brad assisted in managing, and developing a healing organization called White Thunderbird Healing. In that time Brad learned a great deal about Native Holistic Healing. Brad has been given permission to do healing work and share in the native culture and traditions.

The rest of Brad’s experience is derived from real life experience! With training in both traditional native healing (smudging, drumming, and prayer) as well as a more modern modalities (meditation, energy work, and reading) Brad is able to utilize these alternate forms of healing to get to the root cause of whatever issues his clients need to release, he assists them to identify and clear these issues. And with over eight years experience in management, and leadership, Brad is strong in the field of personal development, team building, and motivational speaking. Brad is known for his caring and compassionate heart and his love for others! He has worked closely with a number of people to help them to find peace and healing. Brad’s vision is to be a guiding light for others, helping them to find their way out of the darkness and realize the power, beauty, and infinite potential that resides within!

Specializing in:
Healing Circles (group)
Drumming and Smudging
Healing Sessions (individual)
Guided Meditation
Vibration Healing
Personal Development Training
Motivational Workshops
Drum making Workshops

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Chestermere Reiki

Chestermere Reiki Jill Thomas
Jill Thomas has been practicing healing arts since 1998. Her in depth studies of yoga, nutrition, spirituality and holistic health naturally guided her to develop her innate healing ability.

She is a certified Advanced Angel Card reader with Doreen Virtue, 200hr Alliance Yoga Teacher Certified, and Level II Reiki Intuitive Healer and she holds a Bachelor of Management Degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Jill’s gentle loving nature helps to put clients at ease. She guides them and gives them tools to move towards a brighter moment ahead.

Email Jill: info@lovehealing.ca
Love Healing - lovehealing.ca


Chestermere Reiki

Chestermere Reiki Heather Bradford
Reiki Intuitive Balancing heart and soul energies with love.

Heather’s journey with healing began approximately 15 years ago with an awareness of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. At the time her focus became the foods we eat and the nourishments we can provide to bring wholeness to our physical bodies.

This opened up into an interest in the body as a holistic system and the many modalities that can bring a tangible response, or benefit, to our natural body system. Heather experienced Chinese herbalism, kinesiology, naturopathic concepts, chiropractic, iridology, homeopathy and many other wonderful healing techniques that were both beneficial and growth-ful.

Approximately ten years ago the journey progressed to the understanding of the unconscious mind and the power of our internal, and yet unseen, drivers that protect our body, create our existence, and form our world around us. This is based on what we do and don’t believe on a deeper level of the being, how we process information internally and what we project out onto the world that creates our experience.

During this time Heather added some amazing tools to her tool box by becoming a Trainer of time based therapy, hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. While seeing clients in her private practice she also benefited personally from kinesiology and reiki. It became very apparent to her that the power of reiki was undeniable and two years ago she complemented her learning with attunement to that energy flow.

Through the daily practice of meditation, belief, seeking, learning and faith Heather has embraced the simple yet profound insights afforded by reiki energy or “God love”. Her experience has been one of respecting the power of balancing energy flow through the chakra and aura systems while passing intuitive messages of healing and completion in a positive and safe manner.

Energy flow is synonymous with the body being opened to embrace self- acceptance and love. The balancing treatments always move toward wholeness, resolutions and calm.


Chestermere Reiki


Chestermere Reiki Amanda Alexov
Amanda’s passion as a child involved being active and she approached life with a wondrous and adventurous curiosity. She comes from a very loving, supportive, and spiritual family.

In her teen years, Amanda became a very competitive gymnast and equestrian, achieving the Upper Fraser Valley Champion, 2 years in a row for Level 3 Gymnastics, and selected to be on the Young Continental Riders (International) Dressage Team in 1989. During this time she was introduced to a very unique equestrian instructor who taught her about visualization and connecting not only with your higher self, but with your horse, as a training technique which took her riding career off in ways no one expected! She started taking seminars in TEAM work... basically healing touch, which started her journey toward intuitive healing.

In her mid 20’s as she began suffering with a plethora of health issues which required constant emergency and medical visits. Though her athletic career took a turn in another direction, she joined a gym to help stay in shape. She quickly developed a passion for it as well as various styles of Martial arts, achieving brown belts in both Isshyn Ryu and Goju Ryu Karate. Her passion for fitness eventually led her to pursue her certification in Personal Training; and is now a very well respected Fitness Leader in her community.

Once again, her athletic career took yet another more devastating turn. It was discovered she has a cyst, (Syrinx), growing like a noodle in her spinal cavity, which was basically destroying her life. No longer mobile, in constant and excruciating pain, she developed a bleak outlook as she left behind her passion as an athlete.

Desperate for pain relief, and determined to get her life back, Amanda started looking into alternative healing; learning about herbal remedies, acupressure and bio-feedback, and diet remedies. She eventually adopted a Paleo lifestyle, and was introduced to Bonnie Harvey, the owner of Inner Focus Yoga Studio. Her life went in a whole new and wonderful healing direction. Yoga allowed her to feel a whole new sense of freedom that she hadn't felt in a long time as she was introduced to “setting intentions”. Her intention was to heal, and her mantra changed from “I am healing” to “I am healed”.

"After adopting the Paleo diet and a dedicated yoga practice, I literally watched every ache and pain disappear", says Amanda. "I lost an amazing amount of weight that was gained during my illness and day by day my strength was returning to me". Feeling blessed to be able to run again, Amanda experienced a Divine Intervention where she was guided to start helping others to heal, not just physically, but spiritually as well. She began to study under Reiki Master Bonnie Harvey, and received her first and second degree Reiki Certification in 2012; and is currently working towards her Master Degree.

Amanda accredits Reiki as playing a part in the recovery of her son who contracted e-coli meningitis as an infant. On top of the medical treatment he received in the hospital, Amanda used a type of prayer technique she had learned of. Drawing Universal Energy and applying loving and healing hands to her son, not only brought him back to health, but he is also the rare 1% (of the 10% that survive) that walked away with no mental, physical or emotional challenges. She never told anyone of this until she fully understood her Reiki gift.

Amanda continues to offer Reiki Treatments to many people in her community and works very closely with her Angels, Spirit guides, and God to offer healing to those around her. She is currently studying Live Blood/Dry Blood Analysis, and will be offering this in April of 2014.

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email bodydetox101@yahoo.com


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